Location Paris Alma Eiffel suffren
Location Paris Alma Eiffel suffren
Location Paris Alma Eiffel suffren

Eiffel Tower Suffer

The 7th district is indeed in the center of it all.

From here you can go in any direction and run into the wonders that make Paris the iconic place is has become through the ages. While you can walk, you may as well become friends with the Métro, as you have a stop virtually on your doorstep, and this will extend your reach even further out.

You won’t be able to miss the Eiffel Tower, but here is the official site for hours and other information.

The Grand Palais and Petit Palais are easy walking distance, and have a unique history.

Do not forget the Louvre and the Champs Elysées, both short distances from this apartment.

Just across the river using the closest bridge, namely le Pont d’Alma, you’ll find the lovely Musée Branly tucked away – it’s a lesser known jewel, but is certain to make your stay extra special.

And of course you must, at some point, take a boat ride on the Seine.

We know you’ll enjoy your stay!


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  • Taille : 65m²
  • Catégories : Appartements
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Prix à partir de: 600 pour 3 nuits


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